2015 Matthew Wiederkehr Leadership Award - Michael Knuff


I was introduced to Matt’s Promise in 2013 somewhat by chance by a friend of mine, Diane MacDonald, who happened to be the executive director at the time. Diane spoke highly of the organization and its mission and of the fun events that they threw for fundraising. She convinced me to get involved and my first experience with the group was as a volunteer selling raffle tickets at the Annual May Benefit Concert. This event was one of the nicest that I had ever seen put together. I still remember the video and the talks by key organization members that night. Before then I had not known anyone with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, nor did I really know much about the disease.

I was truly touched by the sad… yet HOPEFUL story that was presented that night. I knew it was a fight worth fighting and that this would be an organization that would truly help make a difference in people’s lives. Since then I have been involved with the assistance of planning several smaller events for the organization and have been pleased to tie in the support of my band, Men or Myth, to provide entertainment at some of these events. I am honored to be working alongside such caring, thoughtful, and good people that make up Matt’s Promise. I know we have great things ahead for the progress in curing Duchenne’s and for Matt’s Promise as a whole!