2016 Matthew Wiederkehr Leadership Award - Aidan and Isabel O’Hara


Hello, my name is Aidan O’Hara and I am a student athlete at Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, NJ. I am currently a junior at CBA and I am involved in many clubs, as well as track and soccer. I am hardworking and try to devote myself to the many different activities I am involved in. I would like to set a good example for my younger classmates and especially for my brother and sister. I occasionally ask myself what I can do for others, and that is how I got the idea to help Matt’s Promise.

Matt’s Promise holds a gala every year in New York City which my parents usually attend. I heard of Matt’s Promise through them, and my sister Isabel and I decided to try to help this great charity. We began to think of different ways to fundraise for Matt’s Promise and we came up with the idea to hold a 5K walk/run. We realized it would be a lot of work and certainly a challenge since it will be our first experience organizing a race. My goals for this race are to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and also to fundraise as much money as possible to help this charity and those affected by this disease. To do this we will need to gather as many runners as possible for the 5K and hopefully this will help those brave boys who are fighting for their lives.

Hi, my name is Isabel O’Hara. I am a 16 year old sophomore at Red Bank Catholic High School. I am a dedicated, passionate, and hardworking student that plays soccer, and also runs track. Since I was a little girl, I have always strived to reach my goals and be the best person I could possibly be. My goal in life is to make a difference in people’s lives. And now, because of my parents, I have the opportunity to do so.

I heard about Matt’s Promise Foundation through my parents who are doctors that have supported this great cause for several years. They attend an annual gala fundraiser held in New York City. They approached me with the chance to organize some sort of fundraiser for Matt’s Promise, and I immediately took the idea and ran with it. I convinced my older brother, Aidan to join with me to organize a 5k run/walk for the charity. My goals for starting this 5k are to make as many people aware of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy as possible, and raise as much money as I can for this noble cause. It breaks my heart to know that boys are being robbed of their ability to walk, and eventually robbed of their life. I am going to try my absolute best to make this run/walk not only informative, but also fun and enjoyable. I really hope to make this an annual event, similar to the gala that my parents attend each year in New York City. And hopefully, I will change someone’s life along the way.