Matt’s Promise is dedicated to making a difference
in the lives of young people affected by terminal illnesses.
Our cornerstone project is to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Matt’s Promise is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people affected by terminal illnesses.
Our cornerstone project is to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Matthew Wiederkehr Leadership Award

The Matthew Wiederkehr Leadership Award was established in 2008 and is presented annually to a volunteer leader for their outstanding efforts. The Leadership Award recognizes a dedicated volunteer who, in addition to contributing many hours of their time, demonstrates outstanding passion and commitment to the mission of Matt’s Promise.

2016 | Aidan and Isabel O’Hara

aiden-isabelHello, my name is Aidan O’Hara and I am a student athlete at Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, NJ. I am currently a junior at CBA and I am involved in many clubs, as well as track and soccer. I am hardworking and try to devote myself to the many different activities I am involved in. I would like to set a good example for my younger classmates and especially for my brother and sister. I occasionally ask myself what I can do for others, and that is how I got the idea to help Matt’s Promise.

Matt’s Promise holds a gala every year in New York City which my parents usually attend. (more…)

2015 | Michael Knuff

Michael-KnuffI was introduced to Matt’s Promise in 2013 somewhat by chance by a friend of mine, Diane MacDonald, who happened to be the executive director at the time. Diane spoke highly of the organization and its mission and of the fun events that they threw for fundraising. She convinced me to get involved and my first experience with the group was as a volunteer selling raffle tickets at the Annual May Benefit Concert. This event was one of the nicest that I had ever seen put together. I still remember the video and the talks by key organization members that night. Before then I had not known anyone with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, nor did I really know much about the disease. (more…)

2014 | Lynn Anderson

Lynn AndersonLynn has volunteered her time to Matt’s Promise since 2011. She was introduced to the organization through a friend and was instantly moved by the powerful story and mission behind the organization. She joined the Junior Committee in 2013 where she co-hosted two successful events resulting in increased awareness and funds. Lynn is an advocate for Matt’s Promise and making a difference in the lives of young people affected by terminal illnesses and has recruited many friends and colleagues to the cause.

Lynn is currently the Director of Partnerships & Portfolio Products at NBC Universal. (more…)

2013 | David Meyrowitz

David Meyrowitz Originally introduced to Matt’s Promise by Jason Selman, last year’s award recipient, David Meyrowitz started his involvement with Matt’s Promise after attending the 2012 Gala.  The father of a daughter about Charley’s age, Dave was inspired to action by what he learned and saw that night.  Of particular impact on him was the fact that Matt’s Promise has very low overhead with virtually all of the money raised being deployed on high impact initiatives.  He quickly jumped onboard as a co-chair of the Matt’s Promise Junior Benefit Event Committee helping with several others, to organize a very successful fundraiser this past January, (more…)

2012 | Jason Selman

Jason-SelmanI have the good fortune to be able to call Matt Wiederkehr one of my very close friends. We first met over 20 years ago In Aspen CO where I was living and Matt was visiting mutual friends. After I moved back to NY, those same mutual friends including childhood friends Randy Reiff and Benjy Seckler were the catalyst to our friendship growing stronger. It was really something to see the amazing bond this crew had. As the years flew by our group began to expand with wives and then children, things were pretty good….. When I found out about Matt’s diagnosis I was crushed. But not Matt, his attitude was unbelievable. He was the same (more…)

2011 | Caroline Budner

Since the founding of Matt’s Promise and our very first event in 2006 Caroline has contributed tirelessly to our work and cause. She is always there to help handle the details. Her efforts support our annual event, help us to keep the day to day operations flowing smoothly and she volunteers her time and organizational skills to all of our events and activities. Caroline says, “It has been so fulfilling to be able to work with the team at Matt’s Promise. I have never been directly involved with a charity organization before so this has been a wonderful learning experience. I know Benjy and Tracy Seckler personally and am grateful to be able to contribute to finding a treatment (more…)

2010 | Michael Budlow and Justin Rothberg: Hoops for Hope

It isn’t hard to imagine that dinner conversation at the Wiederkehr-Rothberg house often turns to issues surrounding Matt’s Promise. For a long time, Justin Rothberg has been hearing about the projects funded by Matt’s Promise and its cornerstone project — fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

One dinner conversation revolved around Charley Seckler, the young son of Matthew Wiederkehr’s childhood best friend. Justin learned over the last few years that Charley’s condition is worsening. He learned that there is no cure. He learned the nasty truth about Duchenne muscular dystrophy — that most, if not all, boys end up (more…)

2009 | Amy Esralew

In May 2009, we honored Amy Esralew at the Fourth Annual Benefit Concert because of her extraordinary volunteer efforts on our behalf. Amy has worked tirelessly over the last four years giving of her time and energy to boost our success and increase the amount of funds we can award to cutting-edge research. In many ways, Amy is the perfect volunteer, whose love and grace are an example to us all. We have been so grateful to Amy, who stepped forward to take the reins in helping us take a huge step in our fundraising efforts, and we are thrilled to honor her.

2008 | Morgan Procida

In many ways, Morgan Procida is like other healthy, active and happy seventeen-year-olds. A junior at Old Tappan High School, New Jersey, she participates in three varsity sports, is a member of the Italian Club and belongs to Volunteen, a group that encourages children to volunteer. Her expansive smile and twinkling blue eyes are the outward reflection of a deeply caring individual who is loved by her peers.

In other ways, Morgan is anything but typical. This past spring, Matt’s Promise created an award to recognize her amazing volunteer efforts and leadership skills in launching the inaugural Memory Run. Morgan was so moved (more…)